is a tribute to all things British, and all things that should be British, including the American colonies long live the commonwealth!

I slept in that bunker one night. The site is named after one of our favourite pubs, the Skimmington Castle, located south of the Heath in Reigate, Surrey. You know it's a great pub when on your first visit, as you drive down Bonny's Road across the golf course, your driver points out a bunker and rhapsodizes, "I slept in that bunker one night."

The ale selection at "The Skim" is respectable enough, but we don't go there for the ale. A night on The Skim is a night of cider, Addlestone's Cider, to be specific. As any local git will tell you, "One pint is too many, and ten pints is too few." (A translation for the uninitiated Americans think of the Lays Potato Chip tag line, "Bet you can't eat just one.")

Addlestone's Cider is not one of those mass produced alcopops like Woodchuck or K. Oh, no. Addlestone's is cloudy and mysterious. In fact, it is a cider that drinks like a meal.

So, please join two colonials, two gits, and a variety of special guests as we celebrate silliness, explore the "other side of the pond" and relish in the lifestyle that is fashionably Git.